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Introducing Jogoball

October 29 2020 – Yogibo Logistics

Introducing Jogoball

Introducing Jogoball

One of the things that's defined Yogibo as a leader in comfort and lifestyle accessories for the past 11 years is how we're always looking for ways to break out of the usual hum-drum mold you see in the products around you. Why recreate that tired old cliche beanbag when we could revolutionize the industry with our award-winning Yogibo Max? Why make just another neck pillow that you'd find in any 'ol airport when we could create the incredibly versatile and ergonomic Nap-X neck wrap? At Yogibo, unique thinking and imagination are the staples behind everything we do, and we're again excited to announce a new kind of product. We call it Jogoball®. 

So what is Jogoball all about? Jogoball is an audio gaming console that doesn't require a screen or a controller to have a great time, instead utilizing a robust Bluetooth speaker and next-generation Six axis motion detection! 

We're big fans of gaming here at Yogibo and we remember being super excited when the motion-reading cameras of the last-gen systems first came out. "No controller needed, YOU are the controller!" Sounded amazing, didn't it? Then it actually came out and half the time was spent trying to get the system to recognize that we were moving our arms and not our legs. It was janky, clunky, and gosh darn messy. So when we set out to make something different, we made sure it was nothing like those big budget mistakes of yesteryear. When you throw the Jogoball it knows it's been thrown. When you spin it to unlock a safe, it knows which direction it was spun. This thing is smart, and we're so excited for you to see just how smart it can be! 

Another thing we're not fans of? Gaming content locked behind a massive paywall where you need to constantly spend money to get the best kind of content. That's why right out of the box Jogoball provides thousands of hours of fun. No need to purchase DLC the day you get it like we've all unfortunately come to expect from certain game companies, just bring Jogoball home and start having a blast. The games we've included in the Jogoball app cover a wide spectrum of activities, from riddles and puzzles to activity challenges and timing-based reactions. And we're constantly developing new games for Jogoball so the variety and fun are always in the forefront. Like our modular, fun furniture the point of Jogoball is to provide hours and hours of fun for years to come. We think you're really going to love it!

Order your Jogoball now. 

Click here to learn more about the various games of Jogoball. 

It's a whole new way to play! 

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