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Yogibo Concept

Why Choose Yogibo?

At Yogibo, we go beyond furniture manufacturing – we curate experiences. Our commitment to comfort, innovation, and versatility has positioned us as the obvious choice for those seeking to metamorphose their living spaces into something extraordinary. This is why Yogibo transcends the realm of mere furnishing options. Since 2009, we have been instrumental in aiding individuals across the globe to attune themselves with both their inner selves and their surroundings. Our mission resides in facilitating your encounter with the sensation of weightlessness, thereby embarking on a journey to unwind, engage in work, revel in play, or pursue studies in a more enhanced manner.


An Inspiring Origin Since 2009

Yogibo's narrative traces back to the inventive mind of one man – our founder – who embarked on a journey to craft the epitome of ergonomic seating for his expectant spouse. His quest was to conceive a haven of comfort, a sanctuary for repose that wouldn't sacrifice style. This distinctive inception resonates within every article we craft, infusing a bespoke essence of comfort into every phase of life's journey.


Revolutionary Innovation

Why Sit When You Can Float? Our exclusive patent defies the boundaries of comfort, bestowing an unparalleled relaxation encounter. Yogibo's furniture is meticulously tailored to conform to your body, devoid of pressure points, allowing you to float within a cocoon of serenity and support. With each adjustment, comfort is redefined, turning every moment into a symphony of luxurious repose.

Redeining Versatility

Versatility is Our Creed. Our furniture transcends mere pieces of decor. They metamorphose in response to your ever-changing needs. From a cozy armchair to a spacious sofa, and even to a snug bed, Yogibo seamlessly adjusts to your dynamically evolving lifestyle, transitioning effortlessly from one room to anoth


Durability and easy Care

Understanding that life can be bustling, we've crafted our products to endure. Yogibo's incredibly soft and resilient covers are easily removable and machine washable, allowing you to relish your bean bag without concern. Furthermore, our warranty on seams and zippers ensures an uninterrupted relaxation experience.


Modularty, Style and Vibrant Colors

We firmly believe that comfort should be as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Each Yogibo piece is meticulously crafted with an eye toward ergonomics, providing optimal support for every contour of your body. With sizes tailored to accommodate every member of the family, our range boasts over 8 bean bag designs available in more than 10 vibrant colors, injecting a splash of joy into your living space. Our furniture is designed to shine on its own or synergize seamlessly with complementary pieces.

Compact and Lightweight

Our largest bean bag, the Yogibo Max, weighs just 9 kg and measures 1.83 meters, making it effortlessly storable in any corner when stood vertically.

Adding a Touch of Fun to Your Life

Life should be filled with amusement, and our furniture resonates with this spirit. The vibrant colors and distinctive designs of Yogibo inject a delightful and energetic touch into every space. Each day can become a celebration, a tribute to creativity, comfort, and individuality. By choosing Yogibo, you're embracing more than just furniture; you're embracing innovation, personalized comfort, and the ability to transform your space into a haven of relaxation. Discover a new dimension of comfort and versatility with Yogibo. After all, why settle for just sitting when you can float?