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Yogibo Mini


The Yogibo Mini is the smallest piece of our bean bag family, yet it offers all the comfort of its larger counterparts, the Yogibo Max and the Yogibo Short.

Farbe : Dark Gray


Yogibo Mini



Dark Gray

5 to 7 open business days


Der Yogibo Mini ist unser kleinster Sitz, bietet aber den GROSSEN Komfort seiner größeren Geschwister Max und Short.

Mit seiner kompakten Größe ist der Mini perfekt für Kleinkinder und Kinder und perfekt für JEDES Zimmer im Haus, egal wie klein.

Perfekte Sitzgelegenheiten für Schlafzimmer, Leseecken, ruhige Räume und Wohnzimmer. Das Midi eignet sich perfekt alleine oder mit unserem Yogibo Support. Kombinieren Sie diese beiden und Sie haben den bequemsten Sessel der Welt!

Gefüllt mit 100 % vollständig recycelten EPS-Perlen in Spezialqualität


Outer Cover: Cotton / Spandex Blend

Liner: Polyester / Spandex Blend

Fill: EPS Beads.



Abmessungen und Versand

Product Weight: 4 kg

Product Dimensions: 61 x 61 x 617 cm

Shipping Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 80 cm

Shipping Weight: 5 kg


Key Features of the Yogibo Mini

Ergonomic: Provides a sense of comfort and support through its patented pressure-point-free technology.

Lightweight: Easily movable throughout the house. 

Space-saving: Fits seamlessly into small spaces.

Easy to maintain: Machine-washable covers.

Suitable for outdoor use with Zoola covers.

Customizable: Interchangeable inner and outer covers, available in various colors to match all styles.

Modular: Can be combined with Support, Traybo, and other Yogibo accessories to meet your comfort needs.

Durable: The machine-washable cover is made from an exclusive blend of highly durable cotton and elastane; the beads are refillable

Is the Yogibo Mini right for me?

🧸 Perfect for children's rooms (bedroom, playroom) 

🛏️ Ideal for bedrooms and quiet spaces 

🧘‍♀️ Great for meditation 

👨‍🎓 Perfect for student dorms/small spaces 

📚 Ideal as a reading nook 

🐈 Perfect for Felix and Nestor's long naps

Body Conforming

The only furniture that completely conforms to your body with zero pressure points

Durable & Washable

Soft, durable and washable covers. It's paws and claws friendly too


Use flat for meditation or diagonally as a seat with a back support.

Base For The Perfect Armchair

Match with the Yogibo Support to create the perfect armchair.

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