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Yogibo Double


The Yogibo Double is the XXL version of the Yogibo Max, designed for an amplified sensory experience.

Color : Blue


Yogibo Double




5 to 7 open business days


 Our largest beanbag and the ultimate in Yogibo comfort!

The Yogibo Double has two Yogibo Max bean bag inners inside one giant cover. You can even get Max covers and separate them to make two pieces of furniture! **Please note the Double does not include Yogibo Max covers. These are sold separately.**

The Double is the perfect second bed for one or more. It gives you more room to move around than a Yogibo Max, and up to four people can share the Yogibo Double at once! Just fold up one side, making an excellent "back."

The Yogibo Double weighs 40 pounds, so it can be moved to where you need it. Move it to a corner or spare room when it's not required, and pull it out anytime.

The durable yet soft outer cover surrounds two separate inners that can be removed to clean and make 2 Yogibo Maxes if the mood strikes you. You can order 1 or 2 Yogibo Max covers to make them ready to perch on separately. Already have a Yogibo Max? You can order one more and one Yogibo Double Cover, and you can switch back and forth from having 2 Yogibo Maxes or having a Yogibo Double!

The Yogibo Double conforms to your body, supports you well, and allows couples and families to play, read, or watch movies together, all in supportive comfort. Does any other furniture do that? We don't think so, friend! There's just nothing else that gives you the floating feeling of a Yogibo Double.

Yogibo Double is 6' x 4' x 2' (depending on use) and comes in many colors. The super-durable Cotton / Spandex cover zips off to be easily machine washed. There's no need to wait; order yours today!


Outer Cover: Cotton / Spandex Blend

Liner: Polyester / Spandex Blend

Fill: EPS Beads.


Dimensioni e spedizione

Product Dimensions: 183 x 122 x 61 cm

Product Weight: 18 kg

Shipping Dimensions: 2 packages of 64 x 64 x 117 cm, a Double cover is included in one of the boxes

Shipping Weight: 24 kg


Key Features of the Yogibo Double

Versatile and Innovative: Functions as a guest bed, sofa, can be separated into 2 distinct Yogibo Max bean bags...

Ergonomic: Creates a sensation of weightlessness and support (neck, knees, and lower back) through its patented pressure-point-free technology.

Convenient: Easily maneuverable, can accommodate up to 4 people. 

Easy to Maintain: Machine-washable covers.

Space-saving: Stores upright in a corner of the room.

Suitable for outdoor use with Zoola covers.

Customizable: Interchangeable inner and outer covers, available in various colors to match all styles.

Modular: Can be combined with Yogibo Support, Yogibo Roll, Moon Pillow, and other Yogibo accessories to meet your comfort needs.

Durable: The machine-washable cover is made from an exclusive blend of highly durable cotton and elastane; the beads are refillable.

Is the Yogibo Double right for me?

🤰 Ideal for pregnant women and individuals suffering from chronic pain. 

📽️ Perfect for TV show or movie nights, alone or with others.

😴 Great for napping or providing a guest sleeping spo

Body Conforming

The only furniture that completely conforms to your body with zero pressure points.

Durable & Washable

Soft, durable and washable covers with luxurious texture. Paws and claws friendly, too!

Our Biggest Yogibo Ever

Holds two Yogibo Maxes inside without any gap to make one giant Yogibo.

Awesome For Movie Nights

One of our most popular for apartments and home theaters

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