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The Story of Yogibo


Yogibo: Born in the USA

Yogibo came to life in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA, back in 2009. We gathered a small creative team to give a fresh twist to regular bean bags, with a unique challenge: making pregnancy more comfortable.

People around us quickly caught on to these new-style bean bags. By 2010, we opened our first store in Natick, Massachusetts, where everyone could experience this newfound comfort.

Yogibo: conquering the world !

Since then, Yogibo has experienced remarkable growth, blossoming into a network of over 120 stores across North America and Asia.

Today, Yogibo sets its sights on France, marking an exciting chapter in our story. We're thrilled to introduce our world to you, not only in public spaces, schools, and museums but also within corporate settings. Yogibo proves ideal for startups where work is ceaseless and at events that call for something special. Stay tuned as we eagerly share news about our upcoming pop-ups.


The Yogibo Mission

Our mission at Yogibo is to assist you in rediscovering harmony within yourself, your surroundings, and your relationships.

We firmly believe that a person who is relaxed, well-rested, and comfortable in their body—someone who has taken the time to reestablish their physical and mental connection—will operate at their fullest potential. As a result, they will be better equipped to savor life's fleeting moments.

Yogibo Bean Bags: Unrivaled Comfort and Sensation

Yogibo products are all about unique comfort and practicality. Our bean bags are designed to be your companions throughout the day – lightweight, easy to move, and adaptable to various positions. They're versatile and modular, delivering sensory benefits that truly make a difference in your well-being.

So, whether you're at home or anywhere else, you can pick and choose the essentials to create the perfect space with Yogibo.



"The idea of Yogibo started by trying to solve a problem: How to make pregnancy comfortable.

My wife and I were in the search for the right solution and nothing seemed to be the right fit. Instead of settling for second best, Yogibo was born! We soon realized that many people were interested and excited to 'discover the feel’ that Yogibo had,.

So In 2009 Yogibo was officially created not just as a product but also as a company. We wanted to bring that 'one of a kind feel’ to every aspect of life! Relaxing at home, outdoors, at work, basically everywhere. We discovered that our products had such a positive impact on people’s lives and were also a help to those with sensory issues, chronic pains, anxiety and more.

Today we pride ourselves on creating products that allow you to feel more in tune with yourself and the world around you while also creating an experience where we at Yogibo are in turn fully in tuned to you and the community

Eyal Levy, Yogibo CEO


Our Commitment

Our commitment is to make a positive impact on people's lives through fostering unique connections, functional design, and sensory experiences.

Whether you're a family unit or an individual in pursuit of an extraordinary blend of functional design and sensory delight, Yogibo is here to help you feel in perfect harmony with yourself, your surroundings, and your loved ones.

Our range of bean bags in various sizes and essential items brings well-being, relaxation, and enjoyment within reach, at an affordable price. With vibrant colors and contemporary designs, our multi-award-winning products infuse comfort and joy into every space.

Whether you're seeking a gift or an item for yourself, Yogibo offers something for everyone within our extensive selection of seating, interior decor, home textiles, toys, and aromatherapy items



Soon after we started, we discovered that our products are life changers for people with different needs. Many of our products help with pain and different physical discomforts, stress and anxiety. They also provide great positive and sensory integration for people with sensory processing disorders. In the past 10 years we’ve been supporting the sensory community by helping build sensory rooms, increasing awareness and promoting accessibility for people on the spectrum.

We're also honored to be part of the KultureCity family, helping build sensory rooms all over the country including ones inside NBA and NFL arenas across the US. Thanks to our partnership with KultureCity, our Yogibo retail stores became the first stores in the world to be sensory certified.

We are incredibly proud to be part of this amazing, loving, and accepting community. #InclusionForAll