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Yogibo Short


The Yogibo Short is a slightly more compact version of our Yogibo Max. Like its big brother, it is multifunctional: both individual pouf, recliner and 2-seater sofa.

Color : Dark Gray


Yogibo Short



Dark Gray

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The Yogibo Short is a slightly more compact version of our Yogibo Max.



Not QUITE as tall, but just as comfy. It’s the perfect-sized bean bag for the younger members of the house. While the Yogibo Max is a couch/bed, the Short is the perfect love seat! All our Max's comfy, versatile awesomeness but in a slightly smaller size. The Short works to get you on cloud nine as a couch, a recliner, a love seat, a bed, you name it! Add to that the fact that the near-frictionless microbeads and the switchable, washable covers combine to create the ONLY furniture on the market that conforms to your body with ZERO pressure points! If you love colors, comfort, and versatility to the MAX but don’t have the room for a Max, the Short has got your back. It’s the perfect companion to any playroom, lounge, apartment, dorm, or wherever comfort is!



Outer Cover: Cotton / Spandex Blend

Liner: Polyester / Spandex Blend

Fill: Fully Recycled EPS Beads


Dimensions et Expédition

Product Dimensions: 125 x59x56 cm

Product Weight: 6 kg

Shipping Dimensions: 60x60x89 cm

Shipping Weight: 8kg

Key Features of the Yogibo Short

Highly Versatile: Functions as a bean bag, chair, and mini-sofa all in one. 

Ergonomic: Weightless and supportive sensation (neck, knees, and lower back) thanks to its patented pressure point-free technology.

Practical: Lightweight and easily maneuverable, accommodating up to 2 persons.

Space-Saving: Fits seamlessly into small spaces.

Easy Maintenance: Machine-washable covers.

Outdoor Use: Possible with Zoola covers.

Customizable: Interchangeable inner and outer covers, available in a variety of colors to suit all styles.

Modular: Can be combined with Cozybo, Moon Pillow, and other Yogibo accessories to cater to your comfort needs.

Durable: The machine-washable cover is made from an exclusive blend of resilient cotton and elastane; refillable.

Is the Yogibo Short right for me?

📽️ Perfect for movie nights, alone or with a partner 

🎮 Perfect for extended gaming sessions

🧸 Perfect for a child's room/playroom

🧑‍💻 Perfect for remote work/the office

👨‍🎓 Perfect for student studios/small spaces

Body Conforming

The only furniture that completely conforms to your body with zero pressure points.

Durable & Washable

Soft, durable and washable covers. Our furniture is paws and claws friendly too.


The Short can be used as a chair, a recliner a kid bed and even a love seat.

Space Efficient & Light Weight

The Short weighs 14lbs and takes up only 3sqft when standing it up

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