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Sensory Rooms


Sensory Soothing

Yogibos are used in a variety of ways as a sensory product by parents and therapists. Our bean bags provide exceptional proprioceptive sensory input, promoting body awareness and helping to organize the brain for focus and attention. They're especially effective when used for snuggling, pushing, pulling, crashing, or jumping into to provide deep pressure input. Yogibos also serve as an excellent compression tool, conforming to your body and providing calming, uniform pressure. We frequently hear that our customers particularly enjoy how the Yogibo encompasses them – and they’re a lot more comfortable than many of the alternatives.

Many parents and therapists have told us that they use Yogibos in place of more intrusive and expensive OT equipment. Because they are so comfortable and attractive, Yogibos can be integrated into a home's living area. They also reduce work as kids genuinely enjoy using them and being around them!


The Benefits of Yogibo:

Our bean-shaped bags provide exceptional proprioceptive sensory input, promoting body awareness and helping to structure the brain for concentration and attention. They are particularly effective when used for cuddling, pushing, pulling, squishing, or jumping, providing deep pressure input. Yogibos also serve as excellent compression tools, conforming to your body's shape and offering soothing, even pressure. We often hear from our customers that they especially appreciate how Yogibo envelops them - and they are much more comfortable than many alternatives


Why Choose Yogibo?

#Moldable and #Tactile

The moldable and tactile nature of a Yogibo makes it an incredible sensory tool. By simply placing your hand on a Yogibo, you can stretch, push, or just snuggle for comfort. Pushing or pulling can achieve all of these actions with a mere touch.


Our covers are soft and stretchy, not firm or rigid. They provide a comfortable and inviting texture.


For those who enjoy crashing into objects and experiencing reactive pressure, our fabric's firm and robust texture offers that feedback. We often have entire families sitting on our products, so believe us when we say they can take a beating!


The flexible and adaptable filling doesn't produce any noise or disturbance when the Yogibo is manipulated; it's quiet and responsive, reflecting the sounds one might expect from a white noise machine. Another crucial aspect of the sensory experience is that our covers have no pressure points. No part of a Yogibo cover can poke or bother the user.

#Why Sit When You Can Float?

It's like interacting with a cloud! And regardless of how often a Yogibo is used, all our covers are removable and washable, and we offer refills if the Yogibo needs a refresh over time due to heavy use.

Specialized Press and Parents talk About Yogibo

""It's super dense and sturdy enough to withstand everything Nick can dish out, which is a lot! It seems like the investment is worth it because he can keep it for years. It makes him happy, and I'm sure it's going to save our furniture"

Autism day by day

"If you're looking for a sensory-friendly, kid-friendly, yet practical lounge chair, I recommend the Yogibo Max." »

"The Yogibo Max or Midi is a must-have for children with autism." -
Autism Parenting Magazine

"They're like giant 'bean bag and pillow' hybrids, and some can even be used to gently squeeze your child, providing the compression input they need."

"Tutoring and Learning
Resources in Connecticut"

"For three days straight, it's been dragged, pulled, jumped on, rolled, twisted, bent, stacked... my kids have put it through everything. My kids have destroyed couches in less time than that. But this one? It held up. It's still a cozy, comfortable spot they can crash on when they need to. Highly recommend. Especially if you have kids like mine."

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